3D model of Vortex Generator

Download & Print

You can print your own A320 Vortex Generator from our model. 3D printed A320 vortex generators
The A320Whine.com model is modified from an original model created by MSP Fair Skies Coalition. MSP calculated relative dimensions and scale from the head size of fastening bolts. The original Vortex generator made by SuperCraft is machined aluminum.

This 3D printed replica is not certified flight worthy, but can be used a handy visual aid for presentations and constituent sharing.

Download A320 Vortex Generator 3D model (right-click “Save As”)

Create a prototype with your own 3D printer, or any of the 3D Hubs.com local printers.

entity_362501_renderThe STL model is created in mm and will measure 12 ✕ 2.2 ✕ 5.7 cm. We’ve created models in PLA and ABS plastic at 200 and 100 micron resolution.