More Information on A320 Whine, Vortex Generator, Airbus Air Deflector


Links to resources, actions and information about the Airbus A320 Whine.


  • Noise Exposure From A320 Family of Aircraft: LAX/Community Noise Roundtable, Petra Schneider NOVEMBER 12 2014 (pdf)
  • Noise Exposure From A320 Family of Aircraft, Work Program Item A12: LAX/Community Noise Roundtable. March 9 2016 (pdf)
  • SFO presentation at  AAAE Airport Noise Mitigation Symposium: Bert Ganoung (SFO), OCTOBER 9, 2015 (pdf)
  • Heathrow’s Blueprint for noise reduction- Ten practical steps to cut noise by summer 2015, JUNE 2015 (pdf)
  • Airframe noise from the A320 aircraft family: UK CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY, ERCD 16 October 2013 (pdf)


    • A320 Family Flow Deflector: Reducing Perceived Noise On Approach: Airbus, January 2014 (pdf)
    • Noise Reducing Airflow Deflector for A320 Family: AIRBUS NEWSLETTER- FEBRUARY 2014 (link)
    • An even quieter approach: Airbus introduces air flow deflectors on the A320 Family: Airbus JULY 10 2014(link)

  • Airbus Presentation: Airbus A320 family FOPP – Noise reduction on approach (link)
  • Developing quieter aircraft operations through technologies and flight management: Airbus at ICANA 2013 (pdf) (video)


    • Technical Upgrades. Noise Reduction through Vortex Generators: LUFTHANSA GROUP(link) (pdf)\
    • Lufthansa Equips 100th A320 with noise-reducing Vortex Generator (link)

  • Condor Airlines announces they are “one of the first” German air carriers to fully retrofit their A320 fleet with the Vortex Generator (link)
  • British Airlines had announced retrofitting 130 of their older A320 planes in June 2015 (link) and easyJet announced their whole fleet of 197 aircraft will be fully retrofitted by March 2018. (link)
  • United Airlines has announced, on their US website, ” 2016, we began installing vortex generators on our Airbus 319/320 fleet to reduce the unique whistling sound that occurs at slower speeds due to wing design.” (link) Industry analysts have confirmed this announcement and estimate that it will take 2 years to retrofit. It is expected United Airlines will make an official announcement with more details.
  • In early 2016, US Virgin Airlines had been in discussion with Airbus about the possibility of retrofitting their fleet. This project was halted around the time of the merger with Alaska Air.


  • In Metropolitan Washington Airlines Committee presentation, Noise Officer Mike Jeck reports that airlines operating at DCA plan to have 180 Airbus aircraft equipped with vortex generators by the end of 2016: DCA Chief Pilots Meeting 5/10/16 (pdf)
  • British Airwaves has announced they will be retrofitting 10 older A320’s with Sharklets in 2018/19. (link)


    • Simple Technology May Lower Aircraft Noise Over Communities: O’Hare Monitor NOVEMBER 2014 ( US Community groups ask United Airlines and American Airlines executives about retrofitting the Vortex Generators )  (pdf)
    • British Airways agrees to modify noisy planes after pressure from Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark,, JUNE 22 2015 (link)

    • Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark successful in campaign against British Airways Airbus A320 noise: KENT ONLINE, JUNE 22 2015 (link)
    • easyJet agrees to modify planes flying over west Kent: KENT ONLINE, JULY 19 2015 (link)
    • Correspondence with Carolyn Mccall CEO of easyjet illustrates the desperation caused by Gatwicks new flight paths (link)
    • Milton Mass. Board of Selectmen send letter to six major airline executives whose company lands Airbus A320 series aircraft at Logan Airport, requesting the installation of vortex generators. 9/27/2016 <pdf of letter> <link>
    • Massachusetts Congressional delegation sends follow up letter to Jet Blue asking requesting the installatin of Vortex generators and saying “Thank you for directing your attention to the concerns of our Massachusetts communities, and we look forward to your reply.” 11/21/2016 <pdf> <link>
    • Tweet with American Airlines (image)


  • Airlines: Silence Your “Airbus Whine” with the Simple Fix that Will Reduce Noise Distress for Millions of People! (link)


  • Lufthansa retrofitting A320 planes with simple, inexpensive, noise-reducing device to stop the “Airbus whine”: AIRPORT WATCH: NOVEMBER 16, 2014(link)
  • Major European Airbus operators take steps to avoid A320 whistle noise nuisance: GREENAIR ONLINE.COM- AUGUST 5 2015 (link)
  • Small is beautiful: How a tiny device cuts aircraft noise: EURACTIV.COM JULY 16 2014(link)


  • Discussion on Tech/Ops Aviation Forum about the A320 Whine, 2005-2014 (link)
  • Efficient and Airworthy Passive and Active Airframe Noise Control Strategies: Michaela Herr ,DLR Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, Technical Acoustics (pdf)
  • German Aviation Association (BDL) 2015 Noise report (link) (pdf)
  • Investigation of noise reducing retrofit measures for existing aircraft. (Dates a VG solution from 2001): EURONOISE 2006 (pdf)
  • Environmental Noise Prediction, Analysis of Noise Impact at Airports: DLR 2008(pdf)


  • SuperCraft(UK) is contracted to manufacture vortex generators for the A320 aircraft. VG’s can only be purchased through Airbus. (link)


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